February 24, 2014

W E A R I N G / Spring Means No Pants

 photo LOVEAESTHETICSspring0.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsspring00-1.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsspring000.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsspring0000.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsspring00000.jpg

Spring is here! Which means no pants.
My legs got to see daylight for the first time in 2014 much earlier than expected. And even though I utterly enjoy waking up to the sound of birds, seeing blossoms on the trees and enjoying a 15°C sunny day, a worrying feeling that there is something very wrong overshadows it all, there hasn't been a winter, it's full on spring in February; we're witnessing climate change.
jacket: Muji
sweatshirt: Uniqlo
slit skirt: &OtherStories (similar)
bag: &OtherStories
shoes: Weekday
glasses: Sunbuddies


Justalazymorning said...

you're perfect!
love everything about this

Jony said...

Wow perfect, looking chic Ivana!

x Jony

Sarah Iracheni said...

Such lovely outfit and beautiful pictures! So in love with the destination.


emzgalz said...

Amazing outfit! I love the last image, I have that bag too, I adore it!! xx

Kat Boldsen said...

where's the beanie from? :)

Becky P said...

Perfect photos dear, you reeally fascinate me and you're the proof that less is more. You definitely are one of the best bloggers xx


Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

Wonderful photos, can;t wait for spring to start! xx


kate with the green shirt said...

Mooie look! Ik ben fan van die handtas, zonnebril en regenjas. Ik besef dat ik ook dringend eens een regenjas moet hebben en ben van plan om ook eens een transparante aan te proberen, als ik die tegen kom. Vroeg me trouwens af wat voor drankflesje je meedroeg, is het een herbruikbare fles? Ziet er erg leuk uit.

Laura lexo said...

Great photos!


Mothi said...

Love the transparent jacket!
So happy that spring is so near by now! :)

Much Love, M

tryingtodeleteacct said...

Looking good :) Where did you get that awesome water bottle?

tryingtodeleteacct said...

Looking good :) Where did you get that awesome water bottle?

TeuntjeVDW said...

Perfect! xx.

Lisette Rivera said...

I am crazy about absolutely everything in this post. The jacket, the glasses, the shoes, the clear can! So cool!

Sharon (Style-Chameleon) said...

Voor mij is het toch nog net ietsje te koud voor blote benen, maar jij komt er goed mee weg!

Ik vind het ook helemaal niet erg dat we geen winter hebben gehad, maar toch voel het inderdaad niet 'goed'...


Dominique Candido said...



Nina Irojiro said...

I miss the sun. And the spring. And I ordered a new pair of spring shoes today. Fingers crossed for the spring to arrive soon!

Anonymous said...

white girls be like... never cold. hahahah just because the sun is shining its still cold as fuck in amsterdam

Leneth Witte said...

Jouw foto's zijn altijd zó perfect ! <3

Laura Dvs said...

Beautiful photos! Love your style!


Mónica López Gutierrez said...

nice pics!!!!

Iliana, Anne said...

nice look.


Anna said...

superb look and pictures! i really dig the shoes!! well, the whole outfit actually...

smiriamstyle said...

just love transparent clothes you wear! Great combination, so stylish. I like the pure which you show. Pure and freshness

VioletDaffodils said...

lovely photos :)


Eliseb.♥ said...

Your blog is so inspiring, just added you to my favorites, keep it up!

Milex said...

Well done.

Panty Buns said...

I love Spring. The sound of birds and sight of blossoms and being able to bare your legs sounds fabulous. I doubt it's a comfort to you but here on the other side of the pond in New York, U.S., we've been having a brutal winter with plenty of cold, snow and ice. Weather patterns can be strange I guess. Happy no pants days!


Krista Clor said...

such a lovely outfit, and the photos are so great. :)


The Fancy Teacup said...

You capture things in such a unique and spectacular way. Love springtime. x


Adelajda said...

pure perfection!

Olga said...

Where does the clear can come from? I've never seen anything like it, not here in USA anyway. And yes, it IS scary how little winter this planet has been getting over the last decade. How much longer can it last?..

Alice Barton said...

love these photos, they're perfect! enjoy the sunshine! :) x
Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

Anonymous said...

These images are gorgeous. Love the chunky shoes, tight beanie and transparent drinking can. Gorgeous.


Six Feet From The Edge - Debbie said...

Super! Je schoenen zijn ook echt té tof trouwens! :)


Mika said...

I love the shape of the bag! It's so blocky and smooth, it reminds me of a concrete brick.

Elisa Taviti said...

Amazing photos!!

My Fantabulous World

ChamaFashion said...

Awesome photos!

Antoinet - everydayCHIC said...

Mooie outfit! En eeh het zal wel meevallen hoor met die klimaatverandering, ik heb in ieder geval al wel echt kou en winter meegemaakt dit jaar. Misschien woon je gewoon in het verkeerde gedeelte van het land ;)

Antoinet www.everydaychic.nl

mxagnes said...

Lovely photos!


Sef Quemado said...

Gorgeous photos!

Tomáš Kapitančík said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KAROLINA said...

You look amazing! Great photos! x


Jay said...

Maybe winter took a short brake, it happened before, so be aware :)

majahoejgaard said...

What size is your jacket? I'm thinking about ordering one myself! :)

ainihapsari said...

indeed, the weather is so messed up, it's scary! anyway, may i know where can i get that water tumbler please?


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't be worried about the climate changing. This doesn't necessarily has anything to do with global warming, this has has happened a lot of times before. Also the last couple of years has been too cold, at least where I live - but that's as normal as the sunny weather is.

Anyway, I know what you mean and I have been worried as well. And where I live, it's still too cold to wear shorts. I wish I could walk around in those sandals right now ;)

Anonymous said...

whats that transparent can drink? diy-ed or bought somewhere??

Miss Sasanja said...


cyeoms said...

ah your climate is stealing all the spring, ours is still -15 C
your composition is so boss, that glass can is nice touch

Guna Campbell said...

I need a white beanie, great outfit!

melissa said...

The clear glass adds a beautiful touch to the composition of the photo and the freshness.
Very inspiring

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